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Many organisations and individuals falsely trust the safety  and security of
making calls and sending and receiving texts
from mobile devices.

Voimar Mobile Security Solution is a complete solution for trusted mobile communications, providing secure, real-time instant messaging, voice / conference calling and secure file transfer, all protected by strong, authenticated, end-to-end encryption. Our solution is trusted by governments institutions, enterprises and individual clients on the range of devices, across operating systems
and over cellular, wi-fi, landline and satellite networks. 


End-to-end encryption ensures complete privacy and precludes third-party eavesdropping, even across ad-hoc conference calls. Voimar’s adaptive voice codecs ensure no degradation of voice quality, along with low data and battery use.



Voimar SECUREMAR users can make calls over any network, including but not limited to 2G/EDGE, CDMA, 3G/HSDPA, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and Satellite networks.Real-time, encrypted voice and data content delivery between mobile devices is optimised, even across low-bandwidth mobile/wireless networks.


Protect your one-to-one or group conversation between smartphones, Macs and PCs with secure messaging for total privacy. Securely share file attachments, voice clips and photos. Groups, for collaboration, can be defined by users or by the organisation providing total security and control.


With SECUREMAR, users are protected against call interception and eavesdropping by the highest level of encryption and authentication. End-to-end encryption also ensures privacy across messaging and file transfers. Each call and message is encrypted with a new key and wrapped in a double-layer cryptographic scheme for complete end-to-end security.



Because all voice calls are routed through the mobile device’s data connection, SECUREMAR's secure Voice over IP (VoIP) network eliminates long-distance & international call costs between mobile devices. SECUREMAR can also eliminate the cost of calls between landlines/office phone systems and mobiles.


The Voimar Voice Gateway provides a secure, encrypted connection from a mobile device to your office phone system, from there users can call land lines and access PBX features like voicemail, call forwarding and conference calling.The Voice Gateway also enables secure calls to  SECUREMAR mobile users directly from your office phone or call centre.

  • End-to-end encryption protects SECUREMAR calls and prevents the interception of the communication

  • Highly secure, AES256 encryption, with temporal unique session hey generated for each call. Bi-directional authentication with IMS on digital signatures using HMAC based on SHA512.

  • No tracability, SECUREMAR uses proprietary encrypted protocols

  • Defence indepth, multiple layersof security are supported, such as custom ROMs, kiosk mode, logical security through MDM.

  • User verifiable, tools available to let the customer verify encryption

  • Private numbering plan, configured by end-user, through the use of a private Virtual Operator (IMS).  

  • Allows the use of a private APN, reducing external risks and management of all IP traffic. 

  • Centralized management: load security parameters, remote update of the terminal's firmware, remote lock. 

  • Multiparty encrypted calls through the use of virtual conference rooms (with the unified communication platform)

  • Asymmetric visibility of users allows defining diffrent rank levels within secure network. 

  • Cost effective, particularly in roaming: 1MB data per 14-20min of SECUREMAR call.  

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