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Voimar offers full turnkey voice solutions to the South African public and private sector customers. Businesses safe up to 60% on their calls and enjoy free Telephone System Management (TMS) backed by outstanding customer service.

Voimar Telematicar powered by OCTO and SOFTWAREAG Cumulocity IoT Platform is anthem most advanced international class telematic and fleet management solution hosted in the Voimar Cloud (Teraco Data Centre), meaning all data resides within the borders of South Africa. The platform does 3 main powerful functions: data collection, advanced analytics and provides insights to the insurance companies. 

  • Location 

  • Cornering 

  • Braking 

  • Duration 

  • Road Type 

  • Distance 

  • Collision 

  • Direction 

  • Raw data is processed into actionable intelligence.

  • Risk correlation and actuarial

      capabilities support industry          leading driver scoring models   ​     and pricing models. 

  • ata is kept in the local servers based in South Africa complying with information security and privacy laws. 

Insights for the Insurance Companies

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Pricing Services 

  • Crash Reconstruction

  • Claim Management  

  • Emergency Services 

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

  • Digital Solutions 


Voimar TELEMATICAR improves 3 processes providing accurate and proper analytics and services. 

Insurers do 3 things 
... however, due to lack of
right data, they manage poorly these 3 process... 
IOT for Insurance solves the issue for all the insurance verticals, providing: 
Manage bad events
Manage based on 
subjective and late data.
Objective and real-time data. 
Manage Customers
They have no content to interact with customers
Customer engagement
Analyze risks and give a price to risk. 
Price based on proxy-static data
Real risk related data
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