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  • Location 

  • Cornering 

  • Braking 

  • Duration 

  • Road Type 

  • Distance 

  • Collision 

  • Direction 

  • Raw data is processed into actionable intelligence.

  • Risk correlation and actuarial

      capabilities support industry          leading driver scoring models   ​     and pricing models. 

  • ata is kept in the local servers based in South Africa complying with information security and privacy laws. 

Insights for the Insurance Companies

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Pricing Services 

  • Crash Reconstruction

  • Claim Management  

  • Emergency Services 

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

  • Digital Solutions 


Voimar Telematics improves 3 processes providing accurate and proper analytics and services. 

Insurers do 3 things 
... however, due to lack of
right data, they manage poorly these 3 process... 
IOT for Insurance solves the issue for all the insurance verticals, providing: 
Manage bad events
Manage based on 
subjective and late data.
Objective and real-time data. 
Manage Customers
They have no content to interact with customers
Customer engagement
Analyze risks and give a price to risk. 
Price based on proxy-static data
Real risk related data

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WhatsApp:          +27 81 405 5742

Cnr Main and Culross Roads

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Bryanston - Sandton 

South Africa, 2021

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